What is biodynamic agriculture?


Bio dynamic is oldest of the organic farming methods, and was introduced by Rudolf Steiner an Austrian philosopher who in the late 19th early 20th century.

How is biodynamic agriculture different from organic?
Biodynamic farming share many of its principles and methodology with organic farming. Not using pesticides, herbicides and other toxic ingredients are not permitted in the same way, but there are other principles about sustainability and care for the environment that go further.

On of the main mainstays of the bio dynamic foundations is to view the farm as a living being and should where ever possible be self sufficient in the production of manures feeds for livestock and compost.

There is also a part that I’m not so sure about looking at cosmic influences. Its about looking down at the earth as well as cosmic influences and the astronomical calendar to decide when to plant, cultivate and harvest..

The third part is the use of biodynamic, herb-based preparations to aid in the germination and, the photosynthesis,

But the parts I like is the way bio dynamic takes into the consideration the entire farm and its environment, like organic (and fulfils all the organic criteria) but looking at the environment too, and even if the cooky stuff Biodynamic is a good thing for the cup and the environment.

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