Ethical Policy

1. I promise to pay a good price for the coffee I buy. This is built on trust between grower, roaster, and end customer – trust, and long term results;

2. The price we pay will ALWAYS be above the market price and any Fairtrade floor prices;

3. I promise to visit the producers we buy from directly as often as I am able to, and ask them face to face if they are happy that they sell to us, and with how we roast their coffee and promote their farm name;

4. I will work with our partner producers feeding back things I learn about the coffee market and what I think the market needs, where we can add value to the chain. Collaboration is important;

5. If we use middle men (exporters / importers / brokers) we will make sure they are good people and that the producing end still get rewarded for their work. these people will become facilitators, not leaks where money doesn’t make it back to the ground floor. If we cannot be assured / shown this, we will not work with them;

6. I will promise to work with good people, in general good people produce good coffee;

7. You’re just going to have to trust me.

For more information on this take a look at this blog post, or please feel free to contact us from the contact us page here

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