Hasbean’s New Look (Same Us)

Welcome to a whole new world of Hasbean. For 20 years, we’ve offered some of the best variety of flavour and origins in specialty coffee. And that much will always be true. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a newcomer, a single origin expert or a blend enthusiast, we've been your friendly coffee guide every sip of the way.

Through countless chats with our team at events, over email and through surveys, we’ve learned how much you love the variety of coffee we offer. But with an abundance to choose from, you’ve sometimes found it tricky to find a favourite or decide what to brew next. So a couple of decades into our mission of making speciality coffee approachable for all, we decided it was time for a bit of a refresh. We're thrilled to unveil the new Hasbean brand, with you at the heart of it, and reintroduce our world of flavour.

We make the world of coffee far simpler (and more fun) for you to enjoy great coffee and discover flavours you love. And we wanted our new brand to show you that. With a shiny new website, redesigned packaging and a fresh new look, we’ve pulled out all the stops to make navigating our sizeable range of coffees more enjoyable. Here’s a bit more of the story behind our new look:

New colours, same great coffee

We’ve got a few more colours than what you’re used to seeing us in! When we thought about all the colours there are to represent the flavours in coffee, we couldn’t choose just one. So, we created a colour-based flavour system to make it easier to spot the ones you love.

We introduced seven new flavour profiles as part of our new brand look—spicy, sweet, floral, fruity, citrus, cocoa, and nutty—with coffees handpicked for each one to make it easier to explore our vast range. With a quick glance, you’ll discover an array of coffees under your favourite flavour, or maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new.

Redesigned bags (home-compostable ones too)

Your next coffee bags will arrive with our jazzy new branding and flavour profiles to help you quickly spot your go-tos. Our wholesale coffee partners are getting new bags too, so keep an eye out for us in your favourite coffee shops.

Once you’re finished, our 125g and 250g bags can now be tossed into your compost heap, giving it back to the earth with nothing left behind. For each home-compostable bag you buy from us, the same weight of plastic is removed from our oceans.

Anything but conventional

You may notice a new naming system on your next bags. We’ve changed how we name our coffees to give each one a unique edition number to identify it. We hope you’ll find it easier than ever to find what you enjoy most, and perhaps discover something new along the way.

Each coffee is now named for its origin country, the year and what edition number it is. We’ve also shifted the varietal and processing information to the label, rather than in the coffee name, so you can learn more about each one in a simplified way.

We’ll continue to source exceptional specialty coffee through our world-class, long-standing producer relationships. And our beans will still be roasted to order by our team of experts, every day of the working week. We might have a new look, but our uncompromising approach to quality, and what you know and love most about Hasbean, won’t change.

Welcome to the imaginatively progressive and flavourful world of Hasbean.
Let’s put some colour in that cup, shall we?