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Ethical Policy

coffee ethical policy hasbean

I promise to pay a good price for the coffee I buy. This is built on trust between grower, roaster, and end customer – trust, and long term results; The price we pay will ALWAYS be above the market price and any Fairtrade floor prices; I promise to visit the producers we buy from directly as often as I am able to, and ask them face to face if they are happy that they sell to us, and with how we roast their coffee and promote their farm name; I will work with our partner producers feeding back things I...

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Espresso is a brew method not a roast style

Espresso is a brew method not a roast style hasbean how to roast for espresso how to roast for filter roast style stephen leighton

Seems fairly obvious as a title, so what's my beef? A question I get asked quite a lot by my retail and wholesale customers is "is it roasted for espresso, or brewed?" It's a question I am never really able to answer, as I don't know what it means. Asking amongst my peers it seems most will conclude that a coffee should be roasted darker for espresso. They are people I respect in the industry, who have far more experience and knowledge than I do. But then when I press them on why it needs to be roasted darker I...

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