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The secret diary of a green coffee buyer aged 40 and 1/4

Day 1   A trip around Central America Day 1   I have decided to do a travel diary for my trip this year to central america. The trip will start in Costa Rica (via Chicago and Miami) where I spend two days, then a flight to Guatemala City where I will spend 3 days travelling all over Guatemala, then a drive to El Salvador where I am going to spend 5 days and then a road trip to Honduras where we will spend a whilst stop 1 day, then more driving to Nicaragua where it will be two days then...

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Cauca Colombia Huila Nariño Tolima

It is believed that the first coffee seeds arrived on the American continent thanks to the French and Dutch. The French introduced the seeds to their colonies (Guyana and Martinique) at the end of the seventeenth century, while the Dutch introduced them to Surinam in 1714. Coffee was first introduced to Colombia in 1723, thanks to Jesuit priests who brought the seeds from Venezuela. The first information about coffee growing in Colombia dates from 1732. It is said that the first coffee trees were grown in the Jesuit Seminary of Popayán, which is in the department of Cauca, and later...

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Erwin Mierisch Finca Limoncillo Fincas Mierisch Los Favoritos Maragogype Pacamara Pacas

Here at Has Bean we love Pacamaras! And we love to share that love! So I wanted to write a bit about the varietal that I care so much about. In the viideo below Erwin Mierisch of Fincas Mierisch talk and myself about the Pacamara varietal. This was the Focus On section on In My Mug episode 256. It's inspired by the Yellow Pacamara we have brought in from Limoncillo, but has been many months in the writing. This Yellow Pacamara comes from the special auction that was held this year, called Los Favoritos Fincas Mierisch, where some very special lots...

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Coffee Calendar, Harvest and Arrival times.

coffee arrival times Coffee Calendar coffee harvest dates Harvest and Arrival times

Something I get asked a lot is when does coffee ship from different countries crop cycles things like that. Its very difficult to be exact as different altitudes / areas in the countries mean different harvest and shipping times. But this doesn't help you, so we have put together a very rough guide to harvest and arrival times for your information. Its a guide and very general, and not to be took literally, but hopefully useful   

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Kenya coffee Auction

Kenya’s coffee auction system dates back to 1934. The auctions still take place at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange and are widely considered to be most transparent distribution system for fine green coffees anywhere in the coffee world and inspired the model for the Cup of Excellence auctions.   Coffee growing was introduced in Kenya by the British around 1900. In the 1950, several extremely successful hybrids from Scott Laboratories were introduced and these have largely replaced the original French Bourbon stock which had been brought to Kenya from neighbouring Ethiopia. The most well-known are SL28 and SL34 and are Bourbon...

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