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How Ethiopia is stonewalling specialty buyers


Ethiopia is one of the finest producers of specialty coffee in the world, and it’s the original, natural home of the coffee plant. But while the country is steeped in history, it has lately also become steeped in controversy and red tape. Coffee continues to be one of Ethiopia’s top exports, but its significance is now at an all-time low. In a contradictory development, coffee exports reached the highest-ever level in monetary terms in 2009 ($528 million), while at the same time falling to the lowest-ever share in Ethiopia’s total exports, at just 26 percent. This shows Ethiopia as the...

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Ethical Policy

coffee ethical policy hasbean

I promise to pay a good price for the coffee I buy. This is built on trust between grower, roaster, and end customer – trust, and long term results; The price we pay will ALWAYS be above the market price and any Fairtrade floor prices; I promise to visit the producers we buy from directly as often as I am able to, and ask them face to face if they are happy that they sell to us, and with how we roast their coffee and promote their farm name; I will work with our partner producers feeding back things I...

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Espresso is a brew method not a roast style

Espresso is a brew method not a roast style hasbean how to roast for espresso how to roast for filter roast style stephen leighton

Seems fairly obvious as a title, so what's my beef? A question I get asked quite a lot by my retail and wholesale customers is "is it roasted for espresso, or brewed?" It's a question I am never really able to answer, as I don't know what it means. Asking amongst my peers it seems most will conclude that a coffee should be roasted darker for espresso. They are people I respect in the industry, who have far more experience and knowledge than I do. But then when I press them on why it needs to be roasted darker I...

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Coffee cupping:A Basic introduction

This article is meant to be used as a basic introduction. There are no right or wrong ways of cupping, but this should help for the novice who wishes to enjoy the delights of origin coffee. The aim is to introduce you to what cupping is, why we cup, how we cup and some of the more commonly used terms and evaluation methods. People in the trade will have you believe that coffee cupping is a science, an exact art requiring a lot of expertise. To some extent this can be true, but this should not put off the enthusiast...

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Coffee production in El Salvador

One thing I’ve found bloging shows is that I’m a little bit obsessive. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not but hey. I’ve spent the weekend searching through some files on the computer a little spring cleaning early and found the article below about my current obsession El Salvador coffee production. I remember the author saying I could share it with whomever I like, so I want to share it with you. Coffee Production in El Salvador Industry Structure There are close to 20,000 coffee producers in El Salvador. Small and medium-sized holdings of less than...

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