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What is biodynamic agriculture?

  Bio dynamic is oldest of the organic farming methods, and was introduced by Rudolf Steiner an Austrian philosopher who in the late 19th early 20th century. How is biodynamic agriculture different from organic? Biodynamic farming share many of its principles and methodology with organic farming. Not using pesticides, herbicides and other toxic ingredients are not permitted in the same way, but there are other principles about sustainability and care for the environment that go further. On of the main mainstays of the bio dynamic foundations is to view the farm as a living being and should where ever possible...

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Coffee cupping:A Basic introduction

This article is meant to be used as a basic introduction. There are no right or wrong ways of cupping, but this should help for the novice who wishes to enjoy the delights of origin coffee. The aim is to introduce you to what cupping is, why we cup, how we cup and some of the more commonly used terms and evaluation methods. People in the trade will have you believe that coffee cupping is a science, an exact art requiring a lot of expertise. To some extent this can be true, but this should not put off the enthusiast...

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Coffee production in El Salvador

One thing I’ve found bloging shows is that I’m a little bit obsessive. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not but hey. I’ve spent the weekend searching through some files on the computer a little spring cleaning early and found the article below about my current obsession El Salvador coffee production. I remember the author saying I could share it with whomever I like, so I want to share it with you. Coffee Production in El Salvador Industry Structure There are close to 20,000 coffee producers in El Salvador. Small and medium-sized holdings of less than...

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How Has Bean Began

  I have always enjoyed coffee, and always been a little weird with it too. Not in a bad way, more in terms of quality and choice. I remember asking, as a seven or eight year old, for a filter machine for Christmas, and drinking filter coffee when no o­ne else in the house did. I recall enquiring if my mom would allow me to choose the coffee myself, then spending a long time carefully making a selection. I really don’t know where this desire came from, or why I liked coffee so much. There was a shop in Wolverhampton...

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How to make an Espresso blend

  I often get asked how we build espresso blends here at Has Bean. I wrote an article on the subject many moons ago though I think the process of blending has moved on a bit since then, so now seems like a good time for a re-write. The first part of the process to produce any blend takes place in the mind and on paper. Before any coffee is tasted or anything is brewed, it is crucial to have some aims and objectives for the coffee. These can be diverse aspirations or simply seeking specific flavours within the blend....

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