March 2014 - Teodocio Mamani: Finca Canton Uyunense

Mamani, a surname and a family who have done great things with coffee for which we should all be grateful.

Canton Uyunense is a municipality of Caranrvi, and lots of farms can be called a variation on that name, this year we've been fortunate enough to have 3 outstanding lots from the farm...a washed peaberry, washed typica and honey processed typica.

On a visit in 2012 I got to meet Teodocio: he's an amazing guy.  We got talking about the photo we had of him last year in a Chelsea shirt, and got talking football.

He had that shirt because he played for a local team which played in blue, but we convinced him that he really needed a shirt from a real team so sent him a Sunderland shirt.  Who needs to follow the Champions League holders, hey?

This year for the first time Teodocio processed the majority of his lot on the farm, which is very exciting.  He used a de-pulper that removes the cherry, then left the cherry to go through a dry fermentation process (aerobic) for 16 hours, then ran it through the scrubber section of the pulper to remove the final remains of the mucilage.  He then transferred the coffee to raised African beds where it dried in around 12 days (depending on local weather conditions).

I was talking to the exporter about Tedocio's picking methods, and he was explaining that the family uses a method called Ayne.  With this method the most mature fruits are harvested each day, demanding the labour of 8-10 people (who are all family members in this case) to selectively pick, and pick correctly.  But because of this he gets more coffee he can sell as specialty, and the cup profile improves.  Teodocio was just as passionate about improving the cup quality as he was about his football.

In 2013 Teodocio was the producer who grew my favourite coffee of the year so there were exceptionally high hopes for 2014, he certainly didn't disappoint : )

If you'd like to try any of the coffees we have from Finca Canton Uyunense then click on any of the following links...

Bolivia Finca Canton Uyunense Teodocio Mamani Washed Peaberry

Bolivia Finca Canton Uyunense Teodocio Mamani Washed Typica

Bolivia Finca Canton Uyunense Teodocio Mamani Honey Processed Typica

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