May 2014 - The Aguilera Brothers: Finca de Licho

The story of our journey with Finca de Licho says a great deal about our development as a roaster.

First we bought this coffee in the Cup of Excellence program (a great way to meet a grower). Then we bought it from an import broker; because we are a small coffee buyer, they helped us bring in this coffee. Then last year, I went out to the farm and did the deal on the farm with the brothers. I love the fact that last year I walked onto the farm after cupping a particular lot in the exporter's office, asked how much they wanted, and there was a short conference. They came back and told me, then we shook hands. Then we got back into the 4x4 and drove away.

We also agreed a price going forwards higher than last years, and agreed to take an amount more than ever before, to prove how wedded we are to this coffee. We also agreed a European exclusive on this coffee, so any Licho you might see out there is old and past crop, we have the new stuff for Europe.

Grown in the region of Naranjo in the volcanic Northern Cordiles corridor of the Western Valley by the Aguilera brothers, it is cultivated at an altitude of 1500 metres above sea level. The varietal is carefully selected Villa Sarchi with some Caturra (around 30%).


A great coffee from a great family who love what they do.

Long may this relationship continue.

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