July 2014 - Allan Oviedo: Finca La Cumbre

This month I'm saying thank you to a producer who has dared to be a little different, to do an experiment with coffee just for the sake of doing an experiment with coffee to see what happens.  I'm always excited when I hear that coffee producers are doing special work or little experiments, no matter what silly ideas I have in my head they're the ones who grow the coffee and they're the ones who have the best ideas!  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Allan Oviedo!

The farm is called Finca La Cumbre and is in the San Luis de Grecia area of the central valley on the edges of the capital city San Jose.  Allan is a second generation grower, and although taking over from his father 12 years ago when he passed away has worked on the farm his whole life.  Don Joel’s name lives on though as Allan named the micro mill after his father, Allan is married with two children.

As I said this was an experiment that Allan wanted to do, he decided to take one sample lot and apply 2 different twists to the processing.  He pulped to a yellow honey (this is where the cherry is removed and some of the musicale, yellow not being so much) and then started to play.

1 lot was dried 100% on the patio which takes around 7 - 9 days depending on the weather. He noticed that this lot was a darker red than the other lot.

The second lot Allan started the drying process on a raised bed for around 4 days then transferred to the drying patio for around 7 days to finish off, he noted this was a much lighter red.

The experiment was in full swing when I visited the farm during my trip around Costa Rica and he asked both me and the exporter for our cupping opinions on it, we both noticed something quite different.  If you'd like to try Allan's coffees then they're both available on the website, here's 2 handy links for you to click on...

Costa Rica Finca La Cumbre de San Luis Red Honey Caturra 100% Patio Dried

Costa Rica Finca La Cumbre de San Luis Red Honey Caturra 50% Patio & 50% Raised Bed Dried

To celebrate the work he's done I'm offering a sneaky little discount if you buy both Allan's coffees, if you're going to try 1 then you've really got to try the other to see the difference the drying made!

So for me the best things about all of this came when I asked Allan a question, obviously I was impressed by what he was doing and so asked him why..."why not?!" he said!  Exactly my friend, why not indeed!  He was just interested to see what would happen, how things would change, what he could accomplish.  It's fantastic that he's pushing the boundaries of what's traditionally done to discover new and exciting ways to make tasty and delicious coffee!

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