David Vilca - Finca David Vilca DECEMBER 2012

Davids is from the colony of Bolinda located in the North Yungas region of Bolivia near to the town of Caranarvi. His farm is called Finca David Vilca as the farm doesn't have a name (this is quite common in Bolivia) and farms are often named after the family running them, or an individual.

David migrated from La Paz to the farm 15 years ago. He bought this 12 hectare farm as security for himself and his family, to make sure they could support themselves. When he took over, he only had 1 acre planted with coffee (Criolla). After 2 years he was comfortable with coffee farming and becoming increasingly interested in it, and so decided to extend the planting. He now has 5 acres of coffee (all of which we have bought). He has very little outside help with the farm except from direct family: his wife helps him greatly.

David is a perfect example of an old school grower taking on board new school process. Looking at the varietals for their taste quality, working with as mill that can process the coffee better than he can as their scale is larger, then giving access to do cascara too.

You can buy the coffee and the cascara here 

Bolivia Finca David Vilca 
Bolivia Finca David Vilca Cascara

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