Feliciano Ramos - Bolivia Finca Loayza MARCH 2013

 We are lucky to be in our second year of working with Feliciano and his family, and this has become a huge coffee for us. 

Making up the vast majority of coffee we buy from Bolivia Loayza is an amazingly versatile coffee thats a stunning single origin espresso and filter, but works super well as a component in blends too. 

Feliciano, who is 44 years old and originally from the capital city of La Paz. His father was a potato and barley producer, where Feliciano used to help him in the production and harvest. In 2002 Feliciano decided to move to Caranavi, with his family to grow coffee.

Initially Feliciano rented a coffee farm for two years where he began his education, but also began saving to have his own farm. After two years, he bought a farm of around 10 hectares. Like many farms in Bolivia, it doesn't have a name, but is in the Loayza municipality and so it is known as Finca Loayza Feliciano Ramos.

Feliciano also made us some cascara this year which we have really been enjoying. 

You can buy the coffee and cascara here

The Coffee

The Cascara

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