Faiz Moosakutty - Bibi Plantation MAY 2013

Fiaz is a second generation coffee grower, and has been the custodian of Bibi plantation since 1990 when he took over from from his mother and farther. 

The farm is 250 acre plantation with an altitude of 600-800 meters above sea level. Its a Five hours drive towards the coast from Bangalore lies the small town of Suntikoppa. This is the heart of the coffee growing area in Karnataka state and all around lie small to medium sized farms.

Faiz does not cut corners and runs his farm in an environmentally and socially responsible way. The coffee is grown in the shade of indigenous silver oaks, jungle figs, and rosewood trees, which provide habitat for a vast array of bird and insect life, and also the occasional elephant from the nearby forest!

Fiaz also produces the only indian coffee I have ever enjoyed and liked, and we have had this relation ship now for 8 years, long may it continue. You can buy this coffee here

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