The Pacas Family - El Salvador Santa Petrona JUNE 2013

So this is the second year of working with Santa Petrona and its quickly become a very important coffee for us. 

The family is a famous name not just in El Salvador but within the world, and the family name even has a varietal of coffee named after it, in fact there farm was the first planting of it from the neighbouring San Raphael.  

The farm is situated in a part of the mountains I know well; for those who remember El Retio of a couple of years ago, thisfarm is right next door to it (even shares the same access road).

Located on the Ilamatepeque Volcano in the Western Part of the Santa Ana District in El Salvador, the farm was founded by the Pacas Diaz Family in 1927, now in its 6th generation. The farm is spread over 25.25 manzanas – which is 17.67 hectares of land - with varietals of Red Bourbon (80%), Pacas (15%), Pacamara (5%), and is at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level. 

I've been to the farm twice now and each time, I spent the day getting more and more interested in the farm; seeing the facilities, meeting some of the pickers, and seeing what great work they were doing. 

This year we have bought not only the Red Bourbon and the Pacamara but we also have the Pacas and we have some processing variations, that have been a huge success. 

This farms coffee was represented by two baristas in the final six of the World Barista Competition 2013, 

Our relationship with Santa Petrona and with the farm is a very important one and one we will be building on for years to come. 

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