Bonilla Family Don Mayo Mill JULY 2013

Don Mayo is the micro mill name, this is where the coffee is milled and processed. We buy from two farms here, one called Bella Vista and the other called La Loma. Both of them are next door to each other and around 10 - 15 mins walk from the mill. The mill and farm are owned by Hector Bonilla and his family. 

Finca Bella Vista is located at an altitude of 1,900 metres in the Tarrazú region. This coffee is one of our offerings and came from my Costa Rica visit in February 2011, I've since been back in January 2013 too.

Finca La Loma is located at an altitude of 1,850-1900 metres in the Tarrazú region. This coffee is one of our new offerings and came from my Costa Rica trip in January 2013, and after working with them on the neighbouring coffee the last 2 years. The mill is world famous, winning many awards for its coffee, which are bought by many top buyers from around the world. I am very pleased to be one of them.

It's also a coffee with a pedigree, winning the 2009 Cup of Excellence competition, and is one of the most highly regarded coffees in the Tarrazu region. There was a time when coffees from the Tarrazú region would fetch a high price on just the name alone. A super interesting coffee, but the quality over the past ten years or so has seen the coffee plummet, whilst other regions (I'm thinking Naranjo and Central as ones that stand out) have raised their game. This particular coffee from Tarrazú is of a small minority that seems to be bucking the general trend and working hard to make the coffee as good as it can be. This coffee gives me huge hope for the future of Tarrazú.

The farm was an amazing example of how a professional farm and mill should be. Everything at the mill is impeccably clean, tidy, and organised to the point of obsession. I think when it comes to running a good farm and mill it's okay to be obsessive about what you're doing. Little things like hats for the staff working in the mill, labels on the lots that are clear and readable; all very small and tiny things, but things that make the difference in quality.

You can buy both these coffee here


La Loma

Bella Vista


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