Guadalupe Alberto "Beto" Reyes Guatemala San Patricio El Limon AUGUST 2013

This is our very first year working with "Beto" but I get the feeling this will be a very long term relationship we have, going forwards. 

Beto use to be the Mayor of the Palencia and has helped to build and develop the town. He is very proud of the town and very proud of his farm. Sitting at 1600 masl, it sits above high the town, looking down with its perfect view below. This is shown really well in the video below 




The farm produces mainly cattura, bourbon with some experimentation with pacamara on the farm.

In fact the experimentation comes from the motivation of “Beto” who in the last two years has really focused on the farm. He wanted to take more care in every step that they take, from picking to processing to shipping, and also the Agronomy of the farm. This is very much a family affair, with his wife and son also working on the farm, along with siblings. In fact his son who is actually studding agronomy for the benefit of the farm at the local college.



he dedication and care in each step is reflected in that they have built up a new wet mill so they can separate different lots and have control over the quality of all the coffee. Previously the mill could just process one lot, now they are able to process many lots and keep separate days pickings and varietals in their parcels. This coffee is the Lot # 18 from # 35 and it’s a cattura variety that we we able to choose. The two lots were then combined for this larger lot.

With this wet mill came another opportunities which were to neighbours and people within the region of Palencia to bring their coffee and the process them. Again another sign this is a hot spot for Guatemalan coffee.



I can not wait to see what they do next. 


you can buy Betos coffee here 

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