December 2013 Christmas Present Blend

This is the 12th and final in a new line of guest coffee blends that we are introducing in 2013. Each month there will be a new coffee, for which there will be an original label in a different style of bag, and this month there will only be 50. 

These are crazy, off the wall ideas that most roasters would be scared to share with you, but not us fearless souls at Has Bean Towers where we think the unthinkable.

This months, well I'm not going to tell you, what I am going to tell you is...

1. Its a surprise, it comes wrapped in special Has Bean Wrapping paper, you can keep until Christmas if you want, but I suggest its an early Christmas present.

2. Its free. You pay the postage and we give you an early Christmas present (the postage thing was we could let international friends be involved and people taking advantage)

3. YOU CAN ONLY ORDER 1. Anyone found trying to trick the system or sending to another address (were checking IP addresses) santa will not come to you.

4. Enjoy it, leave a review on the coffee tell us on email how much you enjoy it. 

5. its a VERY special coffee, I mean VERY special

and thats it, first 50 after this we will make sure that no one was naughty, if there are we will re launch at lunchtime Sunday (watch our twitter account for updates), and merry christmas.


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