December 2014 - Esters: Esters don't do blends, but if they did...

2014 December Esters Guest Blend London

During 2014 we've been taking a tour around the UK visiting some of our amazing wholesale customers, each month we have featured a unique shop blend that is normally only available from the shop but they've been kind enough to let us show it off.  We wanted to celebrate the amazing things our wholesale customers are doing with our coffee and help you find out about some you might not have otherwise known about.

We're really not sure where 2014 has gone and it's hard to believe that we're on the final bag of the year already!  But wowee have we got something special to finish the year on!  After The CoffeeWorks Project last month we're staying in London and taking only a 3 mile trip north to Stoke Newington to enjoy the wonders of Esters!

Esters is a neighbourhood cafe serving delicious food and coffee, tea and cakes, smiles and amazing customer service!  In Stoke Newington you'll find them on Kynaston Road, nestled on a peaceful street only a stone's throw from the busy Stoke Newington High Street.

Their espresso coffee changes approximately every 4 weeks while their filter options change weekly, on bar they've got a beautiful classic Linea (mmm classic Linea) and on the brewed side of things you can enjoy either a Chemex or Kalita Wave brew.  They also boast one of the finest retail coffee selections anywhere in London!

Food, well I'm going to be honest here and say that no matter what I say here you're not going to get just how good their food is!  Everything is cooked from scratch from the finest seasonal ingredients, they make their own fresh almond milk, fresh lemonade, granola, jams, pickles and relishes (yoghurt and fresh cheese is made from Northiam Dairy's full fat, unhomogenised milk).  Cakes are baked almost every day in the kitchen, using organic flours and free range eggs from Kent. Croissants from Yeast Bakery, Eccles Cakes and Doughnuts (weekends only so make the pilgrimage!) from St John Bakery.  ALL AMAZING!  I could eat my way through their menu and counter display.

So, enough about me and why I like Esters, lets get onto the coffee!  As I mentioned above they change their espresso coffee about every 4 weeks, usually dancing around amazing single origins and doing a fantastic job with them.  Blends aren't usually an Esters thing but when this time of year rolls around it's always fun to have a play, if you were wondering about the name of the blend I hope this helps to explain it!

Their blend for the month of December is...

50% El Salvador Finca La Ilusion Natural Bourbon
50% El Salvador Finca Escocia SL-28 Washed Cup of Excellence

Ooooooh I hear you say, snazzy right?!

In the cup it's just like a sweet peach, juicy and clean with a silky mouthfeel that turns into tropical fruit juice.  There's also the flavour (not texture!) of double cream and a hint of cream soda in the finish too.  A complex cup that dreams are made of.

If you're in London or going to London or near London (or even if you're not!) you must promise me that you'll go see these lovely people, make the journey to Stokey and you will not be disappointed. If you would like to find out a little more about Esters then you should definitely have a look at the following pages...

Website Instagram Twitter @estersn16 @estersn16


Peach, complex, tropical fruit juice, silky mouthfeel, cream soda.

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