January 2013 - Hangover Cure

2013 Guest Blend Hangover Cure Has Bean

This is the first in a new range of guest coffee blends we will be introducing in 2013.

Each month there will be a new blend of which there will be an original label in a different style of bag, of which there will only be 1000 and each bag marked with a unique limited edition number.

These are the blends most roasters would be scared to share with you, but not us fearless souls at Has Bean Towers with our looking outside the box, red sky thinking (I know its meant to be blue but I think everything should be red) and all the other stupid business sayings you can think of. In the cup think unbalanced off the wall experiments that are tasty, but never normal and always a bit unusual and pushing the boundaries.

We have also decided to name them with equally appropriate stupidness.

We begin this after the new year celebrations with Has Beans Hangover cure. A sure fire way to remedy those Christmas and new years blues, after all the over indulgence this is the perfect pick me up tonic to blow away the cobwebs of returning to work and motivating yourself to get to the gym to loose that Christmas podge.

Dr Leighton prescribes many espresso shots to be taken many times a day.

In the espresso, this is full on punch in the face, with a bunch of flowers to say sorry for the devastation. Ying and yang have a pub brawl in your mouth. Floral, lemony and a whole heap of funk.

  • 60% Ethiopia Wote Natural
  • 30% Bolivia Finca Inquisivi Senora Bherta De Miranda
  • 10% Nicaraguan Mama mina washed

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