August 2013 Invention Blend

This is the 8th in a new line of guest coffee blends that we are introducing in 2013. Each month there will be a new blend, for which there will be an original label in a different style of bag, and of which there will only be 500 made.

These are the blends most roasters would be scared to share with you, but not us fearless souls at Has Bean Towers where we think the unthinkable.

In the cup think unbalanced, off-the-wall experiments that are tasty but never normal, and are always a bit unusual and pushing the boundaries.

We have also decided to name them with equally appropriate unusual-ness. In honour of Invention Month, we celebrate August with four small packs of coffee, a blank label, and some crayons.

The crayons and blank label are for you to invent a blend, name, and pictures.

You will also receive 4 x 70g sachets of roasted coffee. They will be

Costa Rica La Pira Washed
This will give you floral tones and a bright acidity.

Kenya Gachica Washed Peaberry
Are you an acidity monster? Then you will be using this.

El Salvador Petrona Bourbon Natural
All abord the funky bus, fruity powerful funky natural flavours.

Sumatra Wahana Rasuna Natural
Some body, some funk some base notes to the blend.

Take some or all of these and add percentages to create your blend. So for instance, for a balanced but funk blend you may go for:

  • 40% Costa Rica La Pira
  • 30% Santa Petrona
  • 30% Kenya Gachica Peaberry

Want something funky? Perhaps try this:

  • 70% El Salvador Petrona Bourbon Natural
  • 30% Sumatra Wahana Rasuna Natural

The choice is yours...

Once you have made your blend send us a photo of the bag, the blend name, and your chosen coffee percentages. This will get you entered into the competition, from which we will choose the name of October's guest blend, which will be included in subscriptions and up for sale for one month.



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