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Guest Blends Archive — September

September 2014 - Hermitage Road: Espresso

2014 Guest Blend Hermitage Road September

Each month throughout 2014 we're taking a tour around the country to visit some of our fantastic amazing super duper wholesale customers and sharing their custom blends.  So often you're not able to get your hands on the delicious beans coffee shops make your drinks with so we wanted to share some of them with you all throughout the year. For the month of September we get to take a lovely trip to Hertfordshire to visit Hermitage Road. Hermitage Road is both a small speciality focussed cafe, situated at street level and a large beautiful modern restaurant spreading across the huge first...

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September 2013 Talk Like a Pirate Blend

2013 Guest Blend Has Bean September Talk Like A Pirate

This be t' 9th in a new line o' guest coffee blends that we be introducin' in 2013. Each month thar will be a new blend, for which thar will be an original label in a different style o' bag, and o' which thar will only be 500 made.. In t' cup think unbalanced, off-the-wall experiments that be tasty but never normal, and be always a bit unusual and pushin' t' boundaries. We have also decided t' name them with equally appropriate unusual-ness. In honour o' talk like a pirate day in September this little number will shiver your timbers,...

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