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July 2014 - The Attic: Kraftwerk

2014 Guest Blend July Kraftwerk The Attic

Throughout 2014 I'm very happy to be sharing a range of different special blends with you all.  "What makes them special Steve?" I hear you ask,'s quite rare to be able to get your hands on shop blends, they like to protect them and keep them clutched close to their chest.  Each month throughout 2014 we're offering a different blend from 1 of our amazing wholesale customers who's happy to share their blend with you. For the month of July we're taking a trip up north to the wonderful city of York to visit a long time friend, G...

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June 2014 - Mrs Atha's: Little Tipple

2014 Guest Blend June Little Tipple Mrs Atha's

Each month throughout 2014 we're amazingly pleased to be able to share with you a blend from one of our fantastic wholesale customers. For June we're on our way up to Leeds (definitely one of my favourite cities in the UK) to visit Mrs Atha's. Found on Central Road serving delicious espresso drinks, brewed coffees, teas and a wide variety of locally produced cakes and sandwiches. Mrs.Atha's is an independent family run coffee shop with an emphasis on good produce and traceable provenance. With the help of some wonderful suppliers they aim to provide customers with the best experience possible...

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May 2014 - Jabberwocky

2014 Guest Blend Has Bean Jabberwocky May

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!" Here at Has Bean every now and then we like to shake things up, rattle the cage and go a little mad...right now is 1 of those times and it gives me great pleasure to present to you the all new JABBERWOCKY! So this is 1 of our most popular blends but I think always sits a tiny touch in the shadow of Jailbreak, we wanted to give it some major love as it's always a solid performer dishing out delicious coffee in every direction.  With this rejig...

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April 2014 - Didn't You Do Well: Psyduck

2014 April Didn't You Do Well Guest Blend Has Bean Psyduck

DETAILS Available Roasted Whole Beans only. This is the fourth in our line of coffee shop guest blends that we're massively excited to be sharing with you throughout 2014.  Each month we're featuring a different blend from one of our amazing wholesale customers. For the month of April we jump on a Crosscountry service (or maybe that should be a Magnet Train) to Bristol Temple Meads (Goldenrod City) to visit Didn't You Do Well. Situated on Park Row in the bustling coffee hub that is Bristol, Didn't You Do Well was opened by Will and Ally in March of 2013...

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March 2014 - Camden Coffee House: Espresso Blend

2014 Camden Coffee House Guest Blend Has Bean March

This is the third in a line of coffee shop guest coffee blends that we're super excited to be sharing with you throughout 2014. Each month there will be a new blend from one of our amazing customers. For March we take a trip to London village to visit Camden Coffee House. Camden Coffee House was born in May 2009 after Sunni, the owner travelled and worked abroad finding his passion for coffee & teas, through their tasting notes, growing regions, how it was served and how it brought local communities closer. Returning to London and disappointed at the level...

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