Pedro Rodriguez: El Fuerte Washed

Has Bean Coffee works directly, year on year, to develop and deepen long-term partnerships with over 30 of the most incredible coffee producers in the world.

The length and depth of these partnerships allow us to not only source better coffee for all of our projects, but to invest in experimentation with these individuals, families, and mills to discover what can be achieved through improved science, processes, agronomy, and support.

Whilst these unique, experimental coffees are exclusive to our collaborations together, the knowledge gained through these partnerships influences how we work to assist all our producers in developing their coffee to its highest potential.

It has become common in the industry to celebrate the work of coffee producers however there is still little attention given to the important and often essential work exporting partners do in some origin communities. For the last 30 years Pedro Rodriquez and his exporting business Agri-Cafe has been working with producers in the Caranavi region of Bolivia focussing on specialty production.

Due to the many complications and challenges within the Bolivian industry, a number of the smaller farms we have worked with in the past are no longer producing coffee. Whilst this has created some challenges for us, it has had a much more significant impact on AgriCafe, who have been working with these growers for many years.

As a result, Pedro began a project where they would begin farming themselves, Fincas Buena Vista, an effort to demonstrate what can be achieved with the application of more modern techniques and a scientific farming approach.

Agricafe now manage seven farms, of which El Fuerte is the first within the Samaipata region, but shares the incredible soil, altitude and potential of the South Yungas farms.

This single bag bourbon lot, and the larger caturra lot we also have available are the first production from this farm - over the next few years we're incredibly excited to see what else the project will bring to our cupping tables.

Peach acidity, caramel & brown sugars, milk chocolate, creamy body.

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