Bolivia Elda Choquehuanca Washed

This is a coffee from a colony in Bolivia. We've not had coffee from this colony since 2012/2013 ('Bolivia Taypiplaya Jatun Kollo Mountain', for those who remember!) and it's awesome to have something delicious from Taypiplaya in 2016!

Taypiplaya is quite a small town in the west of Bolivia, just 14 KM from Caranavi. It was formed in 1962 and corresponds to the third section of the municipality of Caranavi. The region has grown coffee since 1975, when coffee growing was promoted by the government and they offered assistance to coffee farmers.

Now, the colony has a population of only 750 people. One hundred and fifty of them are coffee producers (each owning around 2–3 hectares), so you won't be surprised to hear that coffee is the area's main product! It's been that way for about the last ten years and I certainly hope it's going to stay the same in the future : )

Elda Choquehuanca produces coffee with her husband Felix, and they source their cherries from the colony of Taypiplaya. Every night, from midnight to four a.m., Elda and Felix transport the cherries to the local wet mill at Buena Vista, which is run by AgriCafe. The coffee is then processed for them there, at the mill. AgriCafe manage seven farms in the area (including La Linda!) and help local farmers to process their coffee when they don't have access to their own wet mill.

In the cup this is like eating a chocolate digestive biscuit with a glass of apple juice! Up front there's a hit of digestive biscuit and then the delicious milk chocolate I love tasting in our Bolivians, all finishing off with sweet, juicy apple and more milk chocolate in the aftertaste.

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Region: Caranavi
  • Town: Taypiplaya
  • Altitude: 1,500–1,550 m.a.s.l.
  • Producer: Elda Choquehuanca and her husband, Felix
  • Processing method: Washed
  • Varietals: Caturra and Typica
  • Washing: mechanical
  • Fermentation: semi-wet
  • Fermentation time: twelve hours and thirty minutes
  • Drying method: drier
  • Drying time: 41 hours

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