Varietal: Ethisar (aka Ricardo)

Related to: Rume Sudan (ethiopi), Sarchimor, Villa Sarchi 

Origin: Nicaragua

Grows best at: 800meters or above

Type: hybrid

Prevalent in: Nicaragua

Predominant Colour: Red

Fruit size: Medium

Leaf Characteristics: Large

Botany: Heirloom 

The ethiosar is a stable hybrid plant and is a cross of a Ethiopian variety (Rume Sudan) with a Sarchimore (a cross of a Villasarchi with a Timore variety) the off spring of this plant is then cross once again with a Villasarchi (an improved Caturra / Bourbon from Costa Rica).

The Timore variety is the robusta variety used to produce ALL the catimore's. In short it only has a very small% of catimore's in it, thus making it very resistant to rust in most parts of the world.

The Rume Sudan is a very old variety of Typica from Ethiopia. Both Rume Sudan and Villasarchi are known for their great cup characteristics.

It also has the benefit of not having to be so densely planted, per manzana will only need 2800 plants compared to Caturra that would need ver 4000 plants, so less fertilisers and less husbandry. Add to this the yield from a manzana being increased by over 40% compared to caturra. 

Also resistant to leaf rust (roya) due to its Timore content. 


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