Varietal: Catimor

Related to: Caturra and Timor

Origin: Portugal

Botany: Hybrid

Grows best at: Above 500 masl and below 1500 metres

Prevalent in: Central south america and asia

Predominant Colour: Red

Fruit size: Normal rounded

Plant size: Dwarf 

Leaf Characteristics: Large and wide

Plants per hector:3000

Recommended Spacing:1.67 x 1.67

Common Tasting Notes: not known for its special cup properties, bad examples of this can taste or rubber and earth, good examples tend rto have a larger body and a spicy complex black pepper note to them.


Special Notes:

A controversial coffee varietal. Catimor is a cross between Timor coffee (resistant to leaf rust, which is a big problem at the moment in Central America) and Caturra coffee. It was created in Portugal, of all places, in 1959.

It grows and produces fruit very quickly and has very high yields. It's pest resistant and leaf rust resistant, and will grow well at much lower altitudes in comparison to many other commercial varietals. However, it has been reported that it can be problematic at very low or high altitudes.

Sounds perfect, but problems come in the cup quality. Timor has its feet in the Robusta species (hence all these lovely benefits), but Robusta is not known for being tasty. Also, because of its over-eagerness to produce fruit, the Catimor's producing life span is reduced significantly. Some producers report severe drop-offs in production after only 10 years or so.

Links: Caturra, Timor, IHCAFE 90, IHCAFE 95

Has Bean Examples:

El Salvador Finca Argentina Washed Catimor,
Tanzania Burka Block A Catimor Natural








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