Villa Sarchi

Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Related to: Bourbon, Typica, Pacas
Origin: Costa Rica
Botany: Mutation
Grows best at: 500 metres or above
Prevalent in: Costa Rica
Predominant colour: Red
Fruit size: Normal rounded
Plant size: Dwarf (short)
Leaf characteristics: Bronze coloured leaves scattered throughout the green leaves
Plants per hectare: 3,585
Recommended spacing:1.67m x 1.67m
Common tasting notes: Fruit acidity that's very clean; fruit driven sweetness that's intense.


Special notes:

Villa Sarchi is a mutation of the Bourbon variety that was developed in the West Valley Costa Rican town of Sarchi. It is a natural and spontaneous mutation of Bourbon, similar to that of Caturra in Brazil and Pacas in El Salvador.

Its branches are very distinctive, and are nearly 45 degrees from the tree’s centre. They also have very distinctive bronze coloured leaves with a mixture of normal green leaves.

Villa Sarchi produces well at high altitudes, under shade canopies, and with little chemical inputs. These facts make it great for farms that produce with organic methods. Villa Sarchi has elegant acidity, intense fruit tones, and excellent sweetness.

It will grow well at lower altitudes; however, it grows the very best in the climates of Costa Rica, its home, hence its popularity there.

Links: Bourbon, Pacas, Typica


Has Bean Coffee examples:

Costa Rica Finca La Casa Vista al Valle Yellow Honey Villa Sarchi;

Costa Rica Finca La Perla Yellow Honey Villa Sarchi;

Costa Rica Finca Angelina Yellow Honey Villa Sarchi;

Costa Rica Finca Kattia Herbazu Yellow Honey Process Villa Sarchi;

Costa Rica Finca de Licho Yellow Honey Vila Sarchi.









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