Varietal: Canario
Related to: Bourbon
Origin: Brazil
Grows best at: 1000 metres or above
Type: mutation
Prevalent in: Brazil
Predominant Colour: Yellow
Fruit size: Normal rounded
Leaf Characteristics: Wide Like and short
Botany: mutation

Special Notes:

Originating from a natural mutation from bourbon (in many ways like pacas and mundo novo)

The plant produces more than the parent bourbon plant, and much more than the red bourbon (yellow tends to be a higher producer). But like the yellow bourbon it is more susceptible to pest and disease, and is a little more spindly in appearance than the bourbon plant so in turn more open to damage from strong winds. This has to be taken into account when choosing where to plant canario..

Bourbon has very close links to SL28, Typica and Cattura, and like Bourbon in the right area can produce a very high quality cup (there is evidence that the lower the yield the higher the quality as the plant can use its energy more efficiently).

Typical cup characteristics are brighter acidity than the bourbon, but still balanced, with a typically sweet profile that tends to lend it self well to espresso based coffees, particularly those who like a little more character in their cup..

Links: Bourbon, pacas, Mundo novo

Examples: Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira Canario, Brazil Inglaterra Bourbon

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