Varietal: Rubi
Related to: Mundo Novo and Catuai
Origin: Brazil
Botany: Hybrid
Grows best at: 1000 metres or above
Prevalent in: Brazil
Predominant colour: Red
Fruit size: Normal rounded
Plant size: Dwarf (short)
Leaf characteristics: Bronze coloured leaves scattered throughout the green leaves
Plants per hectare: 3,585
Recommended spacing:1.67m x 1.67m
Common tasting notes:sweet, thick mouth-feel and low acidity.

Special notes:

The Rubi varietal is a hybrid Mundo Novo, and Catuaí.

Mundo Novo is grown a lot in Brazil as it is very suited to the climate, as well as having a high yield and resistance to disease. It is characterised by a sweet, thick mouth-feel and low acidity.

Catuai is also a very common varietal in Brazil (it accounts for 50% of the coffee acreage) and is known as a dwarf plant, due to its size. Links: Mundo novo and Catuai


Has Bean Coffee examples:

Brazil Fazenda Passeio Rubi Pulped Natural

Brazil Fazenda Passeio Rubi Natural








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