Varietal: Acaia
Related to: Mundo Novo
Origin: Brazil
Grows best at: 800meters or above
Type: Sumatra (typica) / Bourbon hybred
Prevalent in: Brazil
Predominant Colour: Red
Fruit size: Large
Leaf Charicteristics: Large, an intermediate between Typica and Bourbon
Botany: Natural Hybred

Special Notes:

A very rare varietal. I have seen this sometimes in Brazilian Cup of Excellence lots but did not come across it until 2009 in an offering.

A hybrid from the Mundo Novo plant, Acacia is mainly found in Brazil and is best grown at 800 metres or above. Fruit is large in size and is predominately red in colour.

The varietal is not really found outside of Brazil because when it has been tried elsewhere, the results have been varied. It has adapted well to the Brazillian climate and conditions.
The downside is that it is susceptible to all coffee plant diseases and to pests.

Mundo Novo is rare enough and not very prevalent, but Acaia is incredibly rare.

Links: Mutation of Acaia is Mundo Novo Semperflorens

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