coffee Geisha varietals

Varietal:Geisha (or gesha)
Grows Best at:post 1500 masl
Prevalent in:Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Panama
Predominant Colour:Red
Fruit size:Standard
Leaf Characteristics:Elongated thin and long
Plant Characteristics: Tall thin, elongated leaves 

Geisha is a controversial varietal when found in central america that is for sure. Extremely rare at the moment although expect to see lots in the coming years. Made famous around five years ago by panama Hasienda La Esmerelda. and the best of panama competition. 

Little known it was originally introduced to central america in Costa Rica (1953 est) not Panama as many think. Originally from a south western Ethiopian town of Gesha its an heirloom varietal, that is low yeilding, thin and spindly branches open to strong winds, and pest friendly as they come (although resistant to coffee rust). The leaves are very long and thin too and grows very tall (if not a little gangly). 

Can grow and many altitudes, but anecdotal evidence shows this only shines at real big elevation (post 1500 masl) lower altitude coffee tends to be of poorer quality than those from higher up.

Although esteemed in coffee circles the fact its a geisha is no guarantee of quality although when it is right it  has potential to be amazing.

Special Notes:An example of this can be found in the Costa Rica La Candelilla Tarrazú 100% Geisha El Quemado lot

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