coffee Maragogype varietals


Varietal: Maragogype

Related to: Typica

Origin: Brazil

Grows best at: 800ft upwards

Type: Mutant

Prevalent in: Brazi, Guatemala, Mexico

Predominant Colour: Red

Fruit size: Very Large

Leaf Charicteristics: Tall large leaves and large fruit and large seeds.

Special Notes:

Pronounce mar-rah-go-jeepeh this varietal was originally found in Brazil (again) and is a mutant from Typica. The plant is very distinctive its very tall huge leaves and fruit.

The coffee seed / bean is also very distinctive due to its large oversize. This has created some interest in the bean as its very distinctive, and I’ve seen a lot of them from Brazil Guatemala and Mexico. I’ve head it said that the larger bean produce’s a more flavoursome coffee but my experiences don’t really show this. It’s a tiny bit of a gimmick but there are some fantastic samples out there, I think very little to do with the bean size and more to do with the quality of husbandry and environment.

The plant is very low yielding despite how tall it can grow. Cup characteristics are high acidity bright citrus fruits like lemon grapefruit and floral properties.

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