Mundo Novo

coffee Mundo Novo varietals

Varietal: Mundo Novo
Related to: Sumatra and Red Bourbon
Origin: Brazil
Grows best at: 800meters or above
Type: Sumatra (typica) / Red Bourbon
Prevalent in: Brazil
Predominant Colour: Red
Fruit size: Large and rounded
Leaf Characteristics: Large, an intermediate between Typica and Bourbon
Botany: Natural Hybred

Special Notes:

Mundo novo is particularly suited to the Brazil climate, and is well liked by the coffee farmer for its very high yield and its resistance to pest and disease and its ability to be planted very densely. This is also complimented by the height that the coffee plant can grow.

The plant yields around about 30% more than the bourbon varietal. So you can see why it occupies around 40% of the coffee growing areas of Brazil.

High yields tend to (anecdotal evidence) lower quality but Mundo Novo does regally make appearances in the Brazil cup of Excellence program.

First documented in the 1940’s (no exact date known), in Brazil by the Agronomico of Campinas

Varietal characteristics: Sweet, thick mouthfeel, low acidity.

Links: mutation of Mundo Novois Acaia

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