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coffee Ethiosar Varietals

  Varietal: Ethisar (aka Ricardo) Related to: Rume Sudan (ethiopi), Sarchimor, Villa Sarchi  Origin: Nicaragua Grows best at: 800meters or above Type: hybrid Prevalent in: Nicaragua Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Medium Leaf Characteristics: Large Botany: Heirloom  The ethiosar is a stable hybrid plant and is a cross of a Ethiopian variety (Rume Sudan) with a Sarchimore (a cross of a Villasarchi with a Timore variety) the off spring of this plant is then cross once again with a Villasarchi (an improved Caturra / Bourbon from Costa Rica). The Timore variety is the robusta variety used to produce ALL the...

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coffee typica varietals

Varietal: Typica (also known as Criolla, Sumatra, Blawan Pasumah and Blue Mountain) Related to: n/a Origin: Central America Grows best at: Higher Altitudes Type: n/a Prevalent in: Central America Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Large elongated cherries Leaf Characteristics: Small elongated leaves Botany: Natural Hybred Special Notes: My search for information on Criolla brought me to typica. Typica is grown throughout Central America Jamaica and some Indonesian islands. The plant has large elongated cherries, with the tree producing thin leaves that are long in appearance. It grows best in sandy soils and mixed reports of its hardiness to pest and disease. Its yield is quite low. The famous Jamaican blue...

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coffee Rasuna varietals

Varietal:Rasuna Related to:Catimor and tipica   Origin:Indonesia   Grows Best at:1100-1300 masl   Type:Hybred Prevalent in:Indonesia Predominant Colour:Red Fruit size:Standard Leaf Characteristics:Elongated Leaves Plant Characteristics: Medium tall tree, small elongated leaves The Rasuna variety derives from the cross of Catimor and Tipica varietal's. This is a new variety being planted in Sumatra around the Takengon area. In Sumatra there has been a push towards Catimor for its high yeilds, but it been noted to have a short production life of around 10 years, after this time has passed, yields get dramatically lower over a short period. Another varietal used has been Typica, but this...

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SL 28

coffee SL 28 varietals

  Varietal: SL28 Related to: Bourbon Origin: Kenya Grows best at: 1000meters or above Type: Bourbon hybrid Prevalent in: Kenya Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Medium Leaf Characteristics: Large Botany: Heirloom A hybrid of Bourbon and heirloom Ethiopian varietals developed by the Scottish Labs (during colonial years) which did lots work on varietals in the 1930's. Very typical of Kenya where it was introduced although there have been lots of experimental plantings in central south amercia, by those wanting to experiment. Fairly open to leaf rust and pest, its not a high yielding plant. But the quality of the cup...

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Mundo Novo

coffee Mundo Novo varietals

Varietal: Mundo Novo Related to: Sumatra and Red Bourbon Origin: Brazil Grows best at: 800meters or above Type: Sumatra (typica) / Red Bourbon Prevalent in: Brazil Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Large and rounded Leaf Characteristics: Large, an intermediate between Typica and Bourbon Botany: Natural Hybred Special Notes: Mundo novo is particularly suited to the Brazil climate, and is well liked by the coffee farmer for its very high yield and its resistance to pest and disease and its ability to be planted very densely. This is also complimented by the height that the coffee plant can grow. The plant...

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