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Varietals — Villa Sarchi

Villa Sarchi

Varietal Villa Sarchi

Varietal: Villa Sarchi Related to: Bourbon, Typica, Pacas Origin: Costa Rica Botany: Mutation Grows best at: 500 metres or above Prevalent in: Costa Rica Predominant colour: Red Fruit size: Normal rounded Plant size: Dwarf (short) Leaf characteristics: Bronze coloured leaves scattered throughout the green leaves Plants per hectare: 3,585 Recommended spacing:1.67m x 1.67m Common tasting notes: Fruit acidity that's very clean; fruit driven sweetness that's intense.   Special notes: Villa Sarchi is a mutation of the Bourbon variety that was developed in the West Valley Costa Rican town of Sarchi. It is a natural and spontaneous mutation of Bourbon, similar...

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