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coffee Maragogype varietals

  Varietal: Maragogype Related to: Typica Origin: Brazil Grows best at: 800ft upwards Type: Mutant Prevalent in: Brazi, Guatemala, Mexico Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Very Large Leaf Charicteristics: Tall large leaves and large fruit and large seeds. Special Notes: Pronounce mar-rah-go-jeepeh this varietal was originally found in Brazil (again) and is a mutant from Typica. The plant is very distinctive its very tall huge leaves and fruit. The coffee seed / bean is also very distinctive due to its large oversize. This has created some interest in the bean as its very distinctive, and I’ve seen a lot of them from Brazil Guatemala and Mexico. I’ve head it...

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coffee Maracatu varietals

  Varietal: Maracatu (also known as Maracaturra) Related to: Maragogype & Caturra Origin: Brazil Grows best at: 800metres or higher Type: Highbred Prevalent in: Brazil Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Large Leaf Charicteristics: Large Leaf Special Notes: Also known as Maracaturra this is a mutant of of Maragogype and Caturra. Very distinctive large leaves large fruit and flowers. Found in Central America predominantly (exclusively in my experience) El Salvador, Nicaragua, Brazil and Mexico being some. Typical taste profile is bright acidity which is very complex, which is bright fruity, and well developed. Links:Maragogype, Cattura, Pacamaras

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coffee Geisha varietals

Varietal:Geisha (or gesha) Origin:Ethiopia Grows Best at:post 1500 masl Type:Heirloom Prevalent in:Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Panama Predominant Colour:Red Fruit size:Standard Leaf Characteristics:Elongated thin and long Plant Characteristics: Tall thin, elongated leaves  Geisha is a controversial varietal when found in central america that is for sure. Extremely rare at the moment although expect to see lots in the coming years. Made famous around five years ago by panama Hasienda La Esmerelda. and the best of panama competition.  Little known it was originally introduced to central america in Costa Rica (1953 est) not Panama as many think. Originally from a south western...

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Varietal: Icatu Related to: C.arabica and c. canephora Origin: Brazil Grows best at: 800ft and higher Type: Hybred Prevalent in: Brazil Predominant Colour: Red and Yellow Fruit size: Large Leaf Characteristic’s: No noticeable traits Plant Characteristic’s: Tall plant Special Notes: Only when I started to dig into this varietal did I find how widespread it is. With DNA in Iapar 59 and others, this relatively young varietal came to the forefront in 1985 in Brazil (again), but was officially released in 1993. There are lots of sub varietals around icatu, most of them just sub variations. These hybrids are the result of repeated backcrossing of arabica with robusta hybrids to...

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Catuai coffee varietals

  Varietal: Catuai Related to: Yellow Caturra and Mundo Novo Origin: Brazil Grows best at: 800 metres or above Type: Hybrid Prevalent in: Brazil and Central / South America Predominant Colour: Mainly yellow but also red. Fruit size: Normal rounded Leaf Characteristics: No unusual characteristics, standard size / shape. Botany: Hybrid   Special Notes: This is a dwarf variety of plant, that doesn't grow very high, and is its most obvious distinguisher. Selected by the instituto Agronomico in the 1950's – 1960's and now accounts for 50% of the coffee acreage in Brazil and is widely used in central america....

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