Caturra coffee varietals

  Varietal: Caturra Related to: Red Bourbon Origin: Brazil Grows best at: 800meters or above Type: Mutant (bourbon) Prevalent in: Brazil /Costa Rica /Colombia Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Normal Leaf Characteristics: Wide Like Bourbon stumpy Botany: Mutant Special Notes: Originating in Brazil but not found so much there now, this is a mutant from the popular Bourbon varietal. Like Bourbon it shares many of its negative aspects, its not very pest resistant and can be difficult to grow. Its one big plus is its higher yield than Bourbon (over 200kg per hector). Its other bonus is that it can be used as a high density planting areas, as much...

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Varietal: Bourbon Related to: Heirloom Origin: Bourbon Island Grows best at: 800 metres or above Type: Heirloom Prevalent in: All over the coffee growing world Predominant Colour: Red yellow and orange but mainly red Fruit size: Normal rounded Leaf Characteristics: Wide Like and short Botany: Heirloom Special Notes: Originating maybe on the island of Bourbon or perhaps Ethiopia, this varietal has many sub-varietals. At risk of pest and disease, and decidedly average in terms of yield, but the cup profile tends to be anything but average. There is some evidence that Yellow Bourbon gives a higher yield compared to its red and orange derivatives, although red is the most prevalent....

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acaia coffee varietals

  Varietal: Acaia Related to: Mundo Novo Origin: Brazil Grows best at: 800meters or above Type: Sumatra (typica) / Bourbon hybred Prevalent in: Brazil Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Large Leaf Charicteristics: Large, an intermediate between Typica and Bourbon Botany: Natural Hybred Special Notes: A very rare varietal. I have seen this sometimes in Brazilian Cup of Excellence lots but did not come across it until 2009 in an offering. A hybrid from the Mundo Novo plant, Acacia is mainly found in Brazil and is best grown at 800 metres or above. Fruit is large in size and is predominately...

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