Bom Bom Patisserie

Hasbean first met Dan and Marta Child, owners of the local favourite Bom Bom Patisserie in Loughborough, in 2013, three years before they opened their first location. 

Dan worked in engineering and Marta in sport science when she started to dream about a new challenge. Always passionate about baking, she got an opportunity in 2013 to do a pop-up breakfast café at a local pizzeria. That’s where we came in—a friend received our In My Mug weekly coffee subscription and recommended Hasbean as a wholesale coffee supplier to Marta’s pop-up. 

When they opened Bom Bom’s first location in 2016, they knew they could count on Hasbean for delicious wholesale coffee supply and more.

“We knew of Hasbean's expertise in all things coffee from our original pop-up, so we had no hesitation in trusting them to guide us on beans, training and equipment. Six years later, we are still trusting them as we look towards opening our third site.” 

Their vision for Bom Bom is to roll out several cafes in and around Loughborough to serve their local communities. Marta and Dan value every person who visits, bringing people together and “aiming to make Bom Bom everyone's favourite cafe, one person and one community at a time. 

"When it came to choosing Hasbean for their wholesale coffee, they were looking for partners who could “guide and educate on all things coffee, and who were more interested in providing great coffee above anything else. We also had to become skilled baristas in record time too, helped a lot by the folks at Hasbean!” 

Today Bom Bom looks a lot different from its first shop. They learned everything they could about specialty coffee and operating small business, and the cafes reflect that.

“Our clientele has grown, and we’re always offering new, fresh items to meet the changing needs of our customer. We are constantly amazed by the positive feedback we get. Not only on our products, but also the atmosphere we bring to the communities we serve. It's being part of that local community that makes us special. That and our cookies.”