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Standart love coffee for its ability to foster interesting conversations, chance meetings, and rich experiences. Quarterly published and print only, they dedicate more than 130 pages of beautifully designed and carefully curated content to the beauty of specialty coffee. Sit back, slow down, and enjoy the beauty of the offline world.


Standart want reading an issue to be like visiting your favourite coffee shop, and to make that experience more comfortable and more enjoyable, they’ve gone back to the drawing board, stripped out the nonessentials. They’re proud to present a magazine that’s not only sleeker and sexier, but more reflective of how they see the coffee industry today.

Coffee. People. World. Welcome to the new Standart.

Each issue has gone from five chapters to three, but don’t worry! You’ll find the same total amount of great content. Because Standart want to encourage space for and dialogue with coffee professionals that aren’t just baristas, the stand-alone Barista chapter has been ditched.

As the magazine moves ahead, look out for profiles of baristas, roasters, and all the coffee people that make the coffee industry so diverse and great. And where’d the Ritual chapter go? Well, ritual is seen throughout the coffee industry, informing the craft and care present at every turn within coffee, and instead of fostering false divisions, Standart are working to integrate it into everything they do.

Every issue of Standart is beautifully designed and the content carefully curated in order to bring you into a one of a kind experience. It should be meaningful, enriching, and inspiring; Standart Issue 9 does just that:

Chapter Coffee. Issue 9 begins with a simple question, “what even is a latte?” However, the answer is a bit more complex as we examine the growing trend of rainbow lattes, discuss the material coffee from an academic perspective, explore the region of Myanmar, and ponder the origins and meaning of “specialty coffee”

Chapter People. After getting the chance to hang out with 2016 US Barista Champion Lem Butler at the London Coffee Festival, we knew we had to get a conversation down in print. A man that’s had his mind picked about coffee competitions by everyone in the biz, we settled into talk on music, vibes, family, and what’s next for Lem.

Chapter World. Aside from quality offerings and genuine hospitality, there are also more subtle factors that make up the appeal of a coffee shop. We talk architecture, color palettes, lighting, and seating with Lea Mičudová and Michal Mačuda of BONBON, a top-of-the-game architecture firm in the Czech Republic.

Erin Meister is a longtime coffee professional and journalist who just published her first book, New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History. In Standart Issue 9, Erin invites you to join her as she shares NYC’s longstanding obsession with consuming coffee in record breaking amounts.

We have a limited number of issues 7, 6 and 5 still remaining for you to enjoy...


Issue 7

This issue has content ranging from the oft-overlooked challenges faced along the supply chain, to a harrowing creative piece detailing breakfast and coffee with the parents, to the quirky phenomenon of people gathering, eating cake, and talking about death in cafés all over the world.

Issue 7 takes you from Toronto’s hip cafés and must-see sights, to Melbourne for a chat with Matt Perger about coffee, cooking, and finding the right shoe, to the coffee producing regions of Vietnam, all the way back in time to the Italy of the Industrial Revolution as it traces the development of espresso, aluminium, and transportation in our ever-shrinking modern world.

Features in issue 7 include...

In the coffee chapter, issue 7 brings you a diverse array of pieces, with subjects ranging from the crucial and pressing, to the quirky and fascinating.

Issue 7 considers the fragility of our rapidly burgeoning industry and how to make sure we ensure its survival. It looks at how cultural sensitivity needs to be at the forefront when we deal with issues of gender at source.

As the featured country of origin, issue 7 marvels at the rise of Vietnam, a producer country ready to take on the domestic and international markets with vigour. And to round off the chapter, issue 7 explores the quirky and slightly macabre phenomenon taking place in cafés all over the world, where people get together, eat cake, and talk about death.

Sustainability is something that needs to be keep at the front of our minds in everything that we do; this issue delves into sustainability at the service end of the chain, looking at how baristas can get the most out of their careers. Matt Perger sits down for a chat about coffee, food, information sharing and networking in the digital age, and China’s burgeoning coffee industry. Gwilym Davies finishes off his series on basic training with a skill central to the efficient running of a café, dialling in.

It’s a testament to how global our industry is that every issue we seem to be stretching farther and farther around the world. Get in gear for a trip to Toronto, where issue 7 checks out some of the coolest places for coffee in the North. Once you’ve had your fix and consumed more maple syrup than anyone has a right to, swing over for a lazy pint in a London pub as issue 7 chats to the playwright behind a play set in a timeless coffee house.

Standart have included a creative piece that provides a seat at a tense breakfast with the parents in ‘The Breakfast Place’. Finally, to wrap it all up, issue 7 takes a look at the travelling cup we all love — how its rise was beckoned in the modernity — aluminium engineering, steam trains, aeroplanes, and a world made irrevocably smaller, never to be the same.

Issue 6

The issue opens with a meditation on the parallels between coffee cupping and the use of contact sheets in photography, before moving to a microscopy photo essay allowing you to explore caffeine from really, really close up. Next, we get some lessons on botanical nomenclature and clear coffee communication. Our country of origin profile covers Papua New Guinea.

We’re pleased to present baristas from Toby’s Estate and Phil & Sebastian for our 24/7 profiles this issue. This chapter also covers the fine art of manual brewing and getting yourself set up for home roasting. In Meet Your Barista, we sit down with independent barista and French barista champion Charlotte Malaval.

We return to the theme of art in this chapter, asking why art and coffee shops go so well together. Next, we take a peek at the inner workings of your espresso machine, then ponder the seeming futility of the quest for the perfect decaf soy latte. Issue sponsors Espresso Supply graciously allow us inside their headquarters for a conversation and tour, so don’t miss out!

Get to know Wellington, New Zealand, and the fascinating world of cups with Acme & Co.’s Jessica Godfrey before travelling to Brazil to chat with a coffee picker. If you’re reading this in a café, you’ll be interested in taking a peek at our piece on overheard café conversations. Finally, join us for a conversation with Hanna Neuschwander of World Coffee Research.

In this issue, we profile the coffee scene of Mexico City in all of its sweetness before reflecting on the power of coffee to promote deeper local experiences as we travel. To conclude this issue, we take a look at the social power of coffee in South India. 

Issue 5

In this chapter, Konrad Brits, the CEO of Falcon Coffees was writing about how lack of credit in coffee-producing countries has shaped supply chains in origin and inhibits sustainability. Just in time for the release of their film, Coffee Man, we speak with Jeff Hann and Roland Fravel about the visual and artistic side of coffee.

One of our favourite recurring columns is Barista 24/7, where we profile baristas around the world. This issue, follow along the work days of baristas in Sweden and Japan. In the second instalment of our series on basic barista skills, Gwilym Davies offers insights on the art of milk steaming and pouring. We also met Michael Phillips, Director of Training at Blue Bottle Coffee, talking about educational approaches and hospitality from Los Angles to Tokyo, and the future of automation in coffee.

So now you’re hooked on espresso thanks to that great café that opened up down the street. But you can’t quite make it in every day—or you can’t make it in three times a day—and you’re wondering just how to get your fix. If this sounds like you, it’s time to consider the art of home espresso.

The coffee experience isn’t anything without people to share it with, and that’s why we love this chapter! It’s a well-known trope that bartenders have half a novel under their belts, but the gentle art of cocktail-making can slake the creative propensities of many a germinating artist. Fyodor Kuzmichev certainly thinks so, and has seen fit to craft a delicately wrought description of his ventures into the endeavour, and subsequent Dantean exploration of the cocktail underworld.

Did you know that Standart is available in 49 countries (and counting)? The love of coffee is global, and our world chapter allows us to explore the drink in its many forms. In this issue, Tim Varney, co-founder of the World AeroPress Championship, walks us through the silly history and the exciting future of the coffee community’s most delightful competition. Researcher at the University of Chicago takes us through the intellectual history of the coffee shop in Baghdad, and allows us to appreciate the rich history of coffee across geographical borders and expanses of time.

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