The Best of Jimseven 2004 - 2015

James Hoffmann

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Does James need an introduction? I don't think he does, and if you're looking at this page then I'm fairly sure you know who he is!

I've known James for many many years and am proud to call him a friend, when I heard he was creating a collection of his most popular posts and turning them into what I knew would be a beautiful book I just had to have 1, well...1 for myself and then a few more for you lovely lot!

Just in case you don't know James or what this book is about...

Throughout the global boom in specialty coffee, world-renowned expert James Hoffmann has chronicled every aspect of the industry on his blog ( This collection of selected pieces explores coffee from every angle: from brewing techniques, to choosing coffee as a career, to the evolution of the business.

The Best of Jimseven is essential reading for anyone who is passionate about coffee.