Behmor Brazen Plus

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The Brazen plus is a home filter machine that lets you brew with a firm grip on temperature, so many brewers just don't get hot enough or offer great temperature stability, however with a Brazen you're in control as you can set the coffee brewing temperature from between 188°F – 210°F (87°C - 99°C). 

You're also in control of both the pre-soak and overall brew time.  All this for just £150.00

We've found that the Brazen works particularly well when brewing with Kalita 185 wave filters in the basket at 50g - 55g of coffee for every 1 litre of water.

No filters are included with this brewer, we recommend Kalita 185 white filters which are available here (please select 185 option from the drop down menu)


Mode Button: Where the programming is done. Under this function, easily program the brew start time, pre-soak time, brew temperature, clock time and calibrate your elevation.

Auto-On: Program the Brazen Plus to auto start.

Pre-soak Function: Allow for bloom. Program the pre-soak function anywhere from 15 seconds to 4 minutes.

Variable Temperature Control: Set your preferred brew temperature between 87°C - 99°C.

Elevation Calibration: By telling the Brazen Plus how far above sea level you live, this coffee maker automatically compensates for elevation changes and how that impacts the boiling point of water.

Insulated Stainless Steel Carafe: A carafe that's insulated and made of stainless steel.

Manual Release: Easily brew into a Chemex carafe as this function allows the Brazen Plus to release heated water into a container other than the stainless steel carafe. Set the water temperature, remove the carafe, and use your Brazen Plus as a kettle.

Memory Save: The Brazen Plus stores your preferred settings even when you unplug it.

  • Manufacturer: Behmor
  • Model Number: 5393
  • Depth: 23.5cm
  • Height: 39cm
  • Product Weight: 6kg
  • Watts: 1400W
  • Volts: 220/240V
  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Reservoir Size: 1.2 litres
  • Auto On: Yes
  • Auto Shut Off: Yes
  • Mid-Brew Interrupt: Yes
  • Programmability: Yes
  • Carafe: Stainless Steel

Manual & support documentation available from Behmor:

Behmor Brazen Plus Behmor Brazen Plus Behmor Brazen Plus Behmor Brazen Plus