Clever Dripper

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Well, well, well...look what we have here!  As if the Clever Coffee Dripper wasn't already amazing enough it's gone and got better!  This is the new version with snazzy design improvements.

Now made with Eastman Triton BPA free plastic you're getting a sturdier and more durable brewer with an ever so lovely tint, the Clever now has a smoked exterior and also features a delightful new ergonomic handle.

The shutoff valve has been redesigned to make cleaning an easier process, the seal is much more easily removable and the entire coffee dropping mechanism is now much improved.

The Clever Dripper provides all the wonderful flavour of full immersion brewing mixed with the filtration of pour over brewing.  The main chamber allows you to immerse the grounds for as long as you like and then once you pop the brewer on top of a mug the clever mechanism will allow the coffee to pass through a paper filter into the mug without any sediment.

  • Supplied with a lid to aid heat retention
  • Supplied with a coaster to help keep sides clean
  • New Eastman Triton BPA construction
  • New ergonomic handle
  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe
  • 18oz max capacity
  • Use size 4 filter papers

Filter papers are available separately (here)