Chemex Handblown Water Kettle

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The Chemex Handblown Water Kettle, the smart choice for boiling water, performs as beautifully as it looks. Made of heat-resistant glass, and scientifically designed, our elegant kettle shape and silicone tipped “steam stopper” allows steam out of the kettle while keeping the neck cool to the touch for easy handling.

Also, the kettle’s non-porous glass imparts no flavors of its own, making it the perfect beverage server for your preferred drink.


  • Capacity: 2 Quarts 
  • Height: 10" 
  • Diameter: 8" 
  • Item: CTKG

Includes silicone rubber ball steam stopper.

How to use

The Handblown water kettle may be placed directly on a gas flame, glass top or ceramic top stove. For use on an electric stove top please use our wire grid (TKG) to safely boil water.