Porlex Mini Hand Grinder

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New. Porlex. Oooooooh! 🆕🆒😎

The trusty Porlex we all know and love has had a bit of tweaking...

  • New shape handle connector - no wear & no slippage
  • Perfectly circular ceramic burrs - more consistent grind across all settings
  • New packaging - English & Japanese language, rather pretty, lovely texture!
  • Laser etched burrs - look for the Porlex logo to know you're working with quality

And of course still the same major features that you knew and loved with the previous version...

  • Stainless steel outer casing - easy to clean, sturdy, resilient & low static
  • Ceramic burrs - no rusting, easy to clean, easy to replace & stays sharp

The biggest change for this new version is the handle connector, now it's flat! The handle connects to the central drive shaft (I don't know if that's what it's officially called but it's what I'm going with!) via a straight edged peg and locks in nice n' tight, no wobble or wear or slip, just smooth grinding awesomeness.

1 of my favourite things about a Porlex is how it really can go anywhere with me, I've had plastic hand grinders and glass ones too and it worries me having them in my bag because those things break, but stainless steel? Get. In. My. Bag! 

Something that we receive emails about on a fairly regular basis is hand grinder parts, turns out some of the other grinders out there have flimsy parts that like to break and if you use them they may very well break in your grinder. Want to know you're working with quality grinder parts? Look for the Porlex logo! Their new ceramic burrs are laser etched with their logo and the plastic spindle has their name moulded into the bottom. Don't accept anything less!

The Porlex Mini is pretty much exactly like it's bigger sibling the Porlex Tall, but it's shorter (as you probably guessed from the name) at only 130mm in height instead of 185mm like the Tall. The hopper can hold about 25g of coffee and it comes with a sweet rubber sleeve to help with grip and store your handle. If you're like me and do a little bit of the ol' travel it's the perfect travelling companion for coffee on the road (this + some Kalita Kantans = YES!) or if you're also like me and enjoy coffee at home it's cracking for just having in the kitchen too, you can travel with it and you can not travel with it...what's not to love?!

Did you know that if you remove the rubber sleeve this grinder fits perfectly into the bottom of an AeroPress? For those of you who like to have your coffee cupboards / corners super neat (like me) this is a real storage dream.

The grinder is adjusted by twisting the locking nut on the bottom and most people like to work on a system of clicks from zero, wind the lock all the way up to where it won't click and more and then un-click the following amount of times for grind settings...

  • 1-4: super fine (work those arms!)
  • 5-6: fine filter
  • 7-8: medium filter
  • 9-10: coarse filter
  • 11-12: immersion

Although please note folks, these should only be treated as a rough guide and a starting place, everyone brews differently and they can change based on a massive number of variables. Use them as a starting place if you're not sure and then work from there, brew what's tasty for you!