When Brian Met Alé (Wildcard)

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Chocolate, white wine, Horlicks, white grape.



Our new Wildcard blend gives us a chance to explore and experiment, celebrating something specific and outside the box for a limited time only. It sits across many of the previous blends every time it changes, but expect the unexpected!

This blend came to mind at the Manchester Coffee Festival/Cup North where I'd invited Brian from the Kiriga Estate in Kenya and Alejandro from Finca Argentina in El Salvador to join me for some talks and cuppings. If the two guys can meet in person then why not make a blend with their two coffees? I hope you really enjoy their collaboration. :)

  • 50% El Salvador Finca Argentina Washed Bourbon
  • 50% Kenya Kiriga Estate AB Washed

In the cup two friends meet. Chocolate sweetness of El Salvador and white wine of Kenya push against each other to make this unique blend. The aftertaste finishes with Horlicks and white grape.


Chocolate, white wine, Horlicks, white grape.