Kalita Wave Carafe Brewer 185

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Has Bean is pleased to present you the Wave coffee brewer from Kalita. This is a flat three holed bottom brewer, unlike the cone versions available with things like the Chemex or V60, which means the coffee is in contact with the water in a different way.

It also has a 'wave' technology filters that also changes the way the brew extracts.

Please note instructions are in Japanese so to help make things a little easier we've made a brew guide...

Has Bean Brew Guides | Kalita Wave

Brew ratios to start out with are similar to that of a Chemex of 60g of coffee for every 1 litre of water you're using.

Containers 185 dripper glass carafe.

185 size = 500 - 750 ml of final brew

Dishwasher safe: Yes
Weight: 800g

Please note only 1 brewer included, no filters included.

Filter papers are available separately (here) and for this brewer you require size 185.