Lalani & Co Himalayan Imperial Black 2015

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Chocolatey, caramelised, black tea with an elegant, smooth finish.



Lalani & Co is a family run company, founded out of a love for exquisite tea and craft produce.

Across the world, tea is made in batches. Each batch varies due to the season, soil, elevation and producer. Every batch has its own flavour notes and quality, even within a garden or season, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Most teas in the world end up sold to the markets and blended.

Lalani & Co specialises in finding extraordinary small-batch teas. We choose from the most talented gardens, from particular elevations. They know the seasonality of tea and which are the premium seasons to buy in. They even go into the detail of the varietals of tea plant used and the making process for the batch. These teas express the best flavour of their region and Lalani & Co ensure we find the best, made as a luxury craft, with the same artisan skill as with a family vineyard or a small whisky distillery.

These limited editions are brought into their collection. Some are fresh, some are aged in the UK to become vintage batches. Each one is chosen with meticulous care and skill. Lalani & Co believe in showing full provenance so you know the story of each batch and how the flavour comes about.

They pride ourselves on holding a seasonally changing collection where you can come to find the most exquisite single-batch teas available. Each one is a beautiful flavour expression of its terroir which whispers its provenance story to you palate with every sip.

Region: Hile, Nepal
Producer: Jun Chiyabari Garden
Season: Summer 2015
Batch: J122 (50kg)

Chocolatey, caramelised, black tea with an elegant, smooth finish.

Back in 2013, Lalani & Co were sent a tea from Jun Chiyabari Garden in Nepal which was accidentally over-fired in the finish. The extra heat had slightly caramelised the leaf. Although this was a mistake, we loved the tea and our customers did too.

In 2015 the garden made another batch which was over fired, intentionally this time. Thanks to the hard work of Lalani & Co we are pleased to bring you this delicious tea.

As you can see from the leaves, this is a fully oxidised black tea. The leaves and infusion are at the black end of the tea colour spectrum. Despite being a heavy, full-bodied black tea, the unbroken leaves give an incredibly smooth finish.

On the palace there are notes of raw cacao, muscovado sugar, and red fruits. The firing of the tea has slightly caramelised the leaf, giving it a slightly smoky, slightly caramel character.

Despite the full-flavours, this tea has a very smooth and gently finish, with hardly any tannins. Pair this it with any creamy dessert and it’s sure to impress.