Solo Paper Cups

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If you are interested in ordering Solo cups from outside the United KIngdom please email us at Due to some challenges with shipping it's a little easier with a human touch.

Plain white paper cups from a name you can trust, Solo are used across the world and recognised for their quality and performance.

 Cup Size ml SKU Cup Height (mm) Outside Diameter (mm)
4oz 120 374W 62.6 60.8
6oz 177 366W 75.4 80.0
8oz 237 378H 93.9 80.0
12oz 355 412H 111.2 89.9
16oz 473 316W 135.3 89.9

All cups come in a box of 1000. 

Did you know we also sell lids?

  • To fit 4oz (374W) we have 4oz white lids (VL34R).
  • To fit 6oz (366W) and 8oz (378H) we have 6oz/8oz black lids (TL38B) and 6oz/8oz white lids (TL38R).
  • To fit 12oz (412H) and 16oz (316W) we have 12oz/16oz black lids (T316B) and 12oz/16oz white lids (T316R).

For shipping within the United Kingdom it is £5.00 for the first box of cups and then £4.00 for each additional box.

Solo Paper Cups 4oz (374W) 12oz (412W) Solo Cups 6oz (366W) 12oz (412W) Solo Cups 16oz (316W) 12oz (412W) Solo Cups