Weekly Subscription - 12 Months (52 Coffees)

Pay up front for 250g of coffee each week for 1 year

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Our video magazine In My Mug has proven to be incredibly popular, far exceeding our initial expectations. We would like to make it even more interactive.

So you can now sign up to a twelve-month (52 Week) subscription, and each Friday before the recording is made, we will send you the coffee being featured so that you can try and enjoy it whilst watching the video.

You will receive one 250g bag of the featured coffee without the need for coupons, discount codes or online ordering. Keep in mind that previous broadcasts have featured Cup of Excellence coffees, and some of the most exciting new crops.

Please read the following information, it contains answers to many common questions that are asked about subscriptions.

All subscriptions are roasted and dispatched on FRIDAYS.

For a list of frequently asked questions about subscriptions please see the FAQ at http://www.hasbean.co.uk/pages/subscription-faq (if you have any questions that are not answered please email us at orders@hasbean.co.uk).

The cost of shipping for orders in the UK is included in the £250.00 price, international subscription shipping will cost extra depending on where in the world you are.  For UK customers each coffee will be sent via Royal Mail First Class, for international customers each coffee will be sent by Royal Mail International Standard.

If you have any special requests for your subscription (for example starting on a specific date or to follow on from an existing subscription) please email us at orders@hasbean.co.uk after placing your order.  Due to the way subscriptions are processed we will not see any comments left on your order, please email us at orders@hasbean.co.uk.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS SHOULD BE ORDERED AS A SINGLE PRODUCT ON ITS OWN, ANY ITEMS ORDERED WITH A SUBSCRIPTION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED OR DISPATCHED.  We process subscriptions very differently to normal orders, if you order any other items at the same time as a subscription then we will not be made aware of them and subsequently will not dispatch them.

If you have any questions about starting up a subscription or an existing subscription please send us an email to orders@hasbean.co.uk.