VST Syringe Filters for Espresso & Coffee

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VST COFFEE/ESPRESSO Syringe Filters - For use with Reusable Syringes.

Syringe Filter Safety and Use Instructions  

Used to quickly remove suspended solids from ESPRESSO for accurate, repeatable refractometer measurements.

VST developed these multi-media syringe filters specifically for clarifying espresso prior to refractometer measurements. Also suitable for use with COFFEE ground for filter brewing using perforated or woven metal filters.

Designed to provide fast and efficient filtration of aqueous and organic solutions, including Espresso. Multiple layered media includes glass fibre media pre-filter stacked with moulded membrane to provide required clarification of espresso. Especially useful for testing and matching performance of single, double & triple espresso filters in espresso equipment during set-up.

No syringe included. We recommend using these filters with 10ml Luer-Lok™Tip syringes.

If you located outside the United Kingdom and are ordering these as a business please contact us at orders@hasbean.co.uk with your VAT number before ordering.

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