Wilfa Classic+

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The Wilfa Classic+ is a brushed steel coffee maker equipped with 1550W of tasty + delicious coffee brewing power!

A feature I really like about the Classic+ is the manual drip stopper at the bottom of the filter cone that not only prevents spills on the hotplate when the brewing is done (who likes that splash, sizzle sound?!) but also allows you to perform a controlled steep (either fully stopping or restricting the flow) of the brew before filtering it through into the carafe. 

It features a 1 liter water tank although you don't have to fill it all the way up, it's great at brewing smaller quantities and full tanks, perfect for a brew for yourself or if (unlike me) you have friends...

Something I'll admit I'm not great at is remembering to clean my brewers, I've heard that Chris who works here at Hasbean has reminders on his phone for when to do such things, far too organised! But here comes the Classic+ to the rescue, it has a cleaning indicator to let you know when it wants a bit of TLC, naaw.

Did you know this brewer is approved by the European Coffee Brewing Center? Nuuh I bet you didn't, well...now you do.

Wilfa is a Norwegian-owned company established in 1948, and is today one of the leading suppliers of electric appliances in the Nordic region.

Wilfa is a leading brand with focus on design, quality, safety and innovation. Their vision is to create a better experience of everyday life, and to supply robust household products.

  • Water tank capacity: 1 litre
  • Brewing temperature: 92-96°C
  • Filters used: Size 4
  • Hotplate: Yes
  • Power: 1,550W
  • Colour: Black
  • Automatic shutoff: Yes (after 40 minutes)
  • Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Center
  • Product dimensions (WxDxH): 355 x 170 x 332mm
  • Brewer weight: 2.88kg
  • Package dimensions: 404 x 200 x 400mm
  • Package weight: 3.72kg
  • Product code: CMC-1550B
  • Comes with UK plug adaptor